Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

I am poem

 I am 

I am Burmese

I wonder what’s happening in Myanmar right now

I hear gunshots in video game  

I See my friends playing Rainbow Six Siege 

I want to play minecraft with my friends 

I am Burmese

I pretend like I’m going to do something in games to scare my friends

I feel bored when my friends play Rainbow Six Siege because I don’t have it

I touch my ps4 controller 

I worry my ps4 account will get banned 

I cry when my favorite character dies

I  am Burmese

I understand that I make bad decisions 

I say LET'S GO!  When I win in games

I dream to be professional gamer

I try to get good at some game 

I hope I get a playstation gift  card to day

I am Burmese

Friday, 13 August 2021

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

About me poster

 For this task we had to make a poster all about we like. We used images from google

Friday, 25 June 2021